Tags & Cards

Tags Just For You!

These tags are hand drawn by Mama Linda and they are our special gift to you as a viewer of our podcast.  They are for your personal gift giving and/or charity use.  Please do not sell digital or paper copies of this pattern.  We would also prefer you not make the tags for resale.  Thanks! 

Instructions:  Place your cursor over the drawn image of the tag below and click on the icon that will appear in the upper right corner.  It is a square with an arrow.  This will take you to the file.  From there you may print it, or download it to your computer and print it later.  (Idea! We made bookmarks with the trimmings from these pages.) We sure hope you enjoy them!

"You are Loved"

"You are Loved" Tag

TAG "You are Loved" FRONT

TAG "You are Loved" BACK

What is sweeter than a card from a friend?  A card from a friend who knits!  Delight your friends with this free printable card.

Little girl with knitting... So cute

PDF file can be found here... Knitting Girl 1 Card and Envelope Printable

Photo generously provided by A Good Yarn . Net

TERMS OF USE:  These cards have been made by Mama Linda just for you!   We ask that you honor the wishes of Mama Linda and the bloggers who supply digital images, and only use them for creating personal items, or items to give or sell on a small scale.  But do not use them to produce copies for sale or for digital collage pages to sell or to create stamps and other commercial uses. When in doubt ask Mama Linda or follow the link to the appropriate blog and read the owners terms of use.   I believe I am using these images as the owner intended.  However, you are responsible to make sure you have done your homework for yourself.  Enjoy!


  1. I don't seem to understand the Google drive thing. When I sign on it shows my files so how to I get to yours for the gift tags which are beautiful by the way. Thamks!

    1. I'm new to this too. So let's try opening the menu at the top left side of the screen.

      There should then be a folder called "links/files shared with me". I am hoping the files will be there.

      Let us know if that helps

    2. Ok Mary I tried a new method of embedding the tag. Give it one more try and let me know if you get there?

  2. Hi Brianne & Mama Linda! I enjoy seeing you two! I'm new to the google drive, I followed the above instructions but nothing came up. What am I doing wrong? I love the gift tags! You are a wonderful artist! Thanks!

    1. Hello! Please try the new embedded pdf and let me know if it works?

  3. Hi Linda,

    Craftymystic here. Trying to get in touch with you, email you gave me isn't correct, have tried on Ravelry. Can get to Lebanon. Plz get in touch! Thanks for tags.

  4. I can't wait to try printing these and adding them to Christmas presents!