Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Episode 88

Thank you so much for joining me for Episode 88. This episode was recorded on Tuesday, 8/21/18.

Family News:

*school started last Wednesday.
Hurt wrist at work
Hurt leg while walking. (Nothing is apparently safe anymore)
In related news... Aging stinks
Computer problems partially caused recording delay

What I'm Working On:

* Reyna Shawl, Bryan's Christmas Socks 2018, Stoneybrooke Sock Blank Socks, winding lots of mini skeins for the blanket

What I Finished:

Gilding The Lily:

* Need to use more of my recently purchased yarns


* The Yarn Lab UK mini skeins - YouTube contest. Tell me what you'd like to hear more about on the podcast

* Festival Craftalong

Knit, crochet, weave, sew, just craft something that you would wear to a fiber festival, either one that you can actually go to, one you'd like to go to, or a make-believe fiber festival. You can make anything that tickles your fancy. 

Contest ends September 30, 2018 . More than one project is allowed, just use a separate post for each completed item to get your additional entries! Works in progress are allowed. Must be a member of the Ravelry group to win. Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator.

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