Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Episode 53 - Cuteness Factor

Thank you so much for joining us for Episode 53. Today is March 30, 2016.

What We're Wearing:

* Brianne is wearing a Sockhead Hat

What We're Working On:

* Brianne is working on Daffodil Socks, Summer Night Socks

What We Finished:

* Brianne finished Vanilla is the New Black Socks

Pattern Highlight:

* The Haystack by Melanie Rice

It's a Good Thing:

* Brianne loved Ailish and Evan's first soccer games. The return of the special ring. Happy Planning! Pilot Coleto pen


***Knitworthy Project Craft 2016***
Join the Knitworthy girls as we document our crafting life this year.  Download the guidelines, challenges, and printables at


Step 1 is to create a crafting journal.  Make it as simple or elaborate as you like.  Check out our tutorials for inspiration.  

Step 2 is choose a challenge and then post your response to it in your Project Craft Journal.  Brianne and Mama Linda will be using a random number generator to choose our challenges.  But you may choose however you like.  


Snap a pic of your journal page and post it in the thread on Ravelry.  Each post is an entry in our prize giveaway

Chatting counts as an entry too so be sure and comment and cheer each other on.  

We will draw a winner on each podcast for the next few months or as long as we are able. 


A winning picture of a journaled challenge wins a $25 gift card surprise 
A winning comment gets a Ravelry pattern of $5 or less. 


This week Brianne drew #23


The winner of this week's Project Craft giveaway is #238 krazycrafter87   (234-251)

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