Saturday, October 24, 2015

Episode 42 - Ode to Sleep

Thank you so much for joining us for Episode 42. Today is Friday, 10/23/15.

What We're Wearing:

* Linda is wearing hand knit socks

* Brianne is wearing Weigh It Shawl 3

What We're Working On:

* Linda is working on the Multnomah, a mitered square blanket in bulkier handspun yarn (in her CheryKnits bag)

What We Finished:

* Linda finished the skein of yarn from Diamond B 



Hopeful Holidays
In October, November and December we are going to take a break from any type of _____along. To enter this contest all you need to do is tell us about what you are hoping to do this holiday season, what you hope to receive as a gift, what traditions you’d like to start/uphold, anything along those lines.
You may post as much as you like in this thread, but you may only win once. For every 100 posts we’ll add another prize! Winner(s) will be chosen by random number generator. Thread will close on January 1, 2016.


* Be Our Guest! Gabriela, ( also known on social media as Gabyknits or simplygabriela), was so kind as to record a video talking to us about herself and what she loves about the social media app Periscope. Thanks, Gaby! You can find us on Periscope (and Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook) as knitworthygirls. 

Bless your Heart:

(Or the lack thereof)

You flirted with me all night long,
You cheeky little thing.

Your sweet little whispers were so faint
I could scarcely make them out 

Tossing and turning I searched for you, 
First on one side and then another.  

I searched the refrigerator for you,
And even searched my phone. 
You were not there.  

I knitted my love for you in garter stitch 
and in mitered square 
Still, you refused to meet me.   

I had such high hopes for you.  

We've had a lifetime together. 
Our history, our bond, our relationship
I thought it was enough for you. 

But it wasn't.   

I once called you my beloved
But now I know you are just a "Floosie"

Linda Lee, Stoneybrooke

Note: Written after yet another sleepless night.  First dramatic reading this with interpretive dancer performed on the Knitworthy Podcast, October 23, 2015. • 2015

Bless your Heart:

This episode includes a free printable! 

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