Saturday, February 7, 2015

Episode 25 - Twinsies

Thank you so much for joining us for episode 25! Today is February 6, 2015

What We're Wearing:

* Linda is wearing Night Sky Hat and Vanilla Cowl

* Brianne is wearing Northside Pullover

Gooseberries:  OUR VIEWERS!

* GUEST:  Christina Wall who is Christinawall on Ravelry.  "Aknitterslife" on Instagram.  She is from Indiana and hosts a "A Knitter's Life" Podcast on YouTube.  She is also a designer of 48 lovely designs available on Ravelry.   

Question:   What is your favorite handknit?   She chose 4! Hat, Mittens, Scarf, and a Sweater!!!!   Yowza she is an AMAZING knitter.  

* Linda loves her Night Sky Hat!   What a shock.  Lol. 

* Brianne loves her Northside Sweater

What We're Knitting:

* Linda is knitting Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! She is planning on writing up the pattern for these soon!

* Brianne is knitting Sockhead hat, Featherweight Cardigan and a baby hat for a friend

What Came Off The Needles:

* Linda finished more Hearts


* Linda is spinning The 100th Sheep "Antique Rose" colorway!   It's LOVE, for sure!!!

* Brianne spun 2 oz of Malabrigo Nube (100% Merino) in the Candombe color way . (Ooops! I said the wrong colorway name!)

Gilding The Lily:

* Linda received a box of spin-ables from The 100th Sheep!  Time to rev up my espinner and take off!

It's a Good Thing!:


#34 jabberwok says... When I was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) six years ago, I chose joy by concentrating on the C for chronic and thought of all the knitting and other craft hobbies I should be able to continue to enjoy. Since then, our daughter has blessed us with two beautiful grandboys who bring so much joy to our lives.

* Linda is choosing joy by taking better care of her health.  Sun, Vitamins, and stairs!

* Brianne is choosing joy by wearing her hand knits!


* Whip Through Your WIPs

For the rest of January and February we’re going to be focusing on wrangling our Works In Progress (WIP) into submission. You can do that in two ways. 1) You can finish the project. 2) You can unravel (aka: rip out) the project.
You may only have one post in this thread but as many projects as you like inside of that post. Just keep editing it to add projects!
Please provide a link to your Ravelry project page for this project, as well as provide a picture. We want to keep this fair for everyone!
This thread will close on February 28th and the winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator on March 1st. Mama Linda and I will be WIPing along with you, but we are not eligible for the prize, which is a beautiful cable needle from Wolfe Farms.

* Choose Joy!
As a part of Brianne’s theme of Choose Joy, we’d love for you to contribute your ideas of ways to choose joy in your life! Help inspire us with your joyful ideas. :)
The winner will receive a skein of yarn and stitch markers from TurtleMade.
You may only post once in this thread. Feel free to put as many ideas as you’d like in this one post, but do not post more than once.
You must be a part of the group to win.
The thread will be closed on February 14th and the winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator.

Bless your Heart:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

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