Monday, June 16, 2014

Episode 3 - Broomsticks & Glamping

What we’re wearing:
What we’re knitting:
What came off the needles:
  • Linda finished a beautiful broomstick lace eternity scarf (using a broomstick lace pin, and a size J crochet hook) yarn by Creekview Crafts and an absolutely adorable crocheted mama cat with a pocket on its belly that holds a kitten
  • Linda has been busy! She spun up 3 skeins of core spun yarns and used Avery tags to label her skeins. She also created a basket of rolags on her DIY blending boards from last week.
Gilding the lily:
Contest Winners!
  • Linda couldn’t pick just one name! So she chose 2! First she chose the name Ilean, which was submitted by yarnwhisperer12. You get to choose between the Schaefer Yarn Company Anne, the Dream in Color Everlasting Sock, or a pattern on Ravelry which is $10 or under. Contact me (Brianne) and let me know which one you prefer! The second winner gave us the name Atalanta from Greek mythology, and that would be Manda-Jane! I’ll contact you by PM and let you know what you get to choose from, or you contact me if you know you want the pattern!
Many Thanks To…
  • Sister-In-Law and Aunt extraordinaire Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse for her ideas on the podcast!

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